29 Kitchen Skills Everyone Should Master in Their 20s

You’ve been alive for a while, right? And, presumably, you’ve been eating food pretty much the whole time. But when it comes to preparing that food yourself, you may have a little work to do. (Or maybe you’re a world-class chef! I don’t know your life.)

There are some things that every person should know when it comes to the kitchen. Otherwise, you inconvenience others, end up spending money you probably don’t have, and — honestly — you’re doing a disservice to yourself.

I’ve compiled a list of things that every person should probably be able to do before they turn 30. If you’ve already nailed them all, congratulations! If not, don’t panic! There’s no better time to learn than now. You have countless TV shows, online videos, and websites that have all the cooking knowledge you could ever desire.

You can totally do this!

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