29 Mind-Blowing Tweets That Will Completely Change Your Worldview

Every so often, a great mind appears among us to deliver a small token of wisdom. Often, these clever remarks come from viewing everyday normalities in a different perspective. Maybe they are observations about the world around us that only the most curious, passionate souls can bring to light. Perhaps they are new ways to look at an old thing. Whatever these nuggets of sageness are, they all have one thing in common: They will blow your mind.

They will make you see the world differently. The sun might shine a little brighter. The air might feel a little crisper. Your surroundings may be a bit more colorful all of a sudden. The geniuses we have gathered here are no ordinary intellects. They are extraordinary minds who may or may not have been totally high when they wrote these tweets. But it doesn’t matter because these tweets are brilliant.

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