29 of the Funniest Wildlife Photos Ever Taken

Nature can be majestic and full of grace, beauty, and elegance. But sometimes, it is not. Just like humans, animals have bad angles and silly moments. Occasionally, animals are super clumsy and look like they have been through hell, just like people often do. Whether they are little birds or prairie dogs or the lions — that’s right, the king of the jungle — all animals have some moments where they feel not so majestic.

The Comedy Wildlife Photography Awards were designed exactly to celebrate those silly moments in nature. Photographers can enter the comedy wildlife photography competition every year. Their motto is “Conservation through competition,” which is a fantastic mission to have. It is an upbeat, entertaining photo competition with a mission to help these hilarious creatures be able to thrive and live their best lives for years to come. And let me just tell you, these photos are seriously funny.

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