30 Men Who Are Absolutely Crushing the Self Care Game

Let’s face it: when people hear the term self-care they usually think of women. Women are especially good at self-care, you can bet on any random Tuesday night at least 40% of us are watching Netflix in a face mask, but self-care isn’t just for girls. In fact, self-care doesn’t even just mean slapping on some fancy face cream.

Self-care is all about taking care of yourself the way you need it. For some people, that might mean a pedicure. For others, it might mean diving into a good book. For some people, it might just mean finishing off the Nutella straight from the jar.

But it’s not gendered specific! Men can and should self-care just as a hard as the ladies do. How they do it is up to them!

Here are some men who totally get the self-care thing and are pampering themselves however they see fit and looking great doing it.

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