This Portuguese Artist Creates Insanely Impressive 3D Graffiti

Graffiti means something a lot different than it did several years ago. What used to be considered a nuisance a hobby for reckless vandals, has been transformed and finally recognized as a valid and innovative art form. And, one of the best graffiti artists today is Sergio Odeith.

Odeith is from Portugal and has been creating graffiti murals since the ’90s. His signature style is really special because he uses the space provided, unlike any other graffiti artist. He creates incredible 3D pictures using angles and shadows. The effect is mind-blowing, and Odeith has rightly gained international attention for his amazing works of art and has since flown all over the world to design murals in different cities. Much of his work centers around the macabre and creepy-crawly (giant spiders and other bugs, for example), on a giant scale. Take a look at some of his most impressive pieces of art.

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