29 Manicures That Will Give You the Heebie Jeebies

We all love getting pampered every once in a while, right?

Some people opt to get massages. Others head to the mall for some retail therapy (or just buy a bunch of stuff online because — come on — it’s the 21st century). But one of the ultimate luxuries is getting a manicure. Being able to sit down, relax, and have someone else trim, shape, and paint your nails for you is probably about as close as most of us will ever get to royalty.

It’s also so fun to pick out what color of nail polish and the style of manicure that you want. Should you go with decals? A French tip? Gels? Acrylics? The possibilities are pretty much endless.


After doing some poking around on the Internet, I’m beginning to think that maybe the possibilities shouldn’t be endless when it comes to manicures.

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