29 People Who Failed So Hard They’re Almost Winning

Guys, life is hard. Everyday life is hard. Just the regular things that you have to do in life are hard, nevermind the actual challenging stuff that pops up. The people in this gallery are dealing with real challenges. Like, beyond the scope of what we as humans are equipped to deal with on a daily basis.

Whether they were affected by an act of nature, someone else’s stupidity or their own stupidity, these people all have one thing in common: They are having a very bad day. The kind of day that is just totally and completely ruined. Irredeemable. In fact, the epic fails that these people have been faced with will probably ruin more than one day. Maybe even a whole week of their lives.

What this post really is, is a testament to the resilience of people everywhere. If these people can get through their disasters, you and I can get through ours.

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