29 Public Restroom Signs That Are Too Clever for Their Own Good

I’m sure this is no news to you, but: Everybody poops.

Yes, that’s right. Every single person on the planet has to use the restroom at some point in their lives. That’s just the way it works. But you know what every single person doesn’t need? A clever little sign letting them know which bathroom they’re allowed to void their bowels in.

And yet, some restaurants and other public establishments have taken it upon themselves to label their bathrooms in such a way that is, as some might say, too clever by half. There are plenty of things to joke about when it comes to things humans do. For instance, fart jokes are always funny! But creating jokes purely for the purpose of labeling which bathroom is for which sort of human? It’s weird. It’s hella normative. And it’s also, just…not that funny?


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