29 Tiny Ways You’re Getting Scammed Every Day

You might think that you’re a pretty discerning person. You don’t fall for those, “your computer has a virus” phone calls. You don’t give your credit card information out willingly. You don’t go around sharing your social security number all over the Internet.

And yet, you’re falling for scams every single day. They’re subtle ones, sure, but they’re scams nonetheless.

Every single day you’re bombarded with thousands of images, phrases, and products that are all very cleverly disguised in order to sell you something. Some of them — like billboards and commercials — are totally obvious about it. Others? Not so much. For example, you may own a loyalty card for your local grocery store. While it is a great way to save money, the store also uses it to profile you as a shopper. They might notice that you buy the same off-brand ice cream every week, and suddenly you’re receiving coupons for the brand name stuff. Sneaky.

Basically, everything is marketing.

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