29 Women Share the Most Infuriating, Hilarious Things Men Have Mansplained to Them

I am going to start this with a joke because the rest of this article is not going to be very laughable. This is a joke that I had heard before but was reminded of while perusing this thread of truly infuriating accounts of women being mansplained to by men. The joke goes like this:

Where does a man get his water?

From a well, actually.

It is a pretty funny joke. You laugh at it because it is true. When you think about how prevalent mansplaining is and the meaning of it — man’s refusal to see women as fully-formed human beings with the ability to have vast and deep wells of their own knowledge — it is intensely infuriating.

Even “woke” men, and guys who would consider themselves allies and feminists have mansplained before. The idea that a woman could not possibly know as much as a man or the idea that even if she does, she will appreciate hearing a man blabber on because they deserve to be heard, is so pervasive in our world. These instances of women being mansplained to will and should make you angry. Hopefully, they’ll make men a little more aware of their actions and women feel a little less insane and alone.

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