35 Insane Things People Have Done in Job Interviews

There are fewer things more stressful than a job interview. Everyone worries that they will come off badly, despite their best intentions. I once went into a job interview and somehow ended up telling the interviewer all about my three cats even though he was clearly not interested and it had nothing to do with the job I was applying for. I couldn’t help it! Something about the pressure of job interviews makes people go a little crazy. (I actually got the job, and he never did ask me how the cats were doing after that…)

Everyone is worried they will do something completely stupid in a job interview, like accidentally curtsey instead of shaking a hand, or reveal that their entire resume is “slightly exaggerated.” But usually, despite the pressure, things don’t go horribly awry.

That was not the case for these job interviews. Be prepared, things get weird.

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