High School Lets Seniors Dress up for Their ID Photos, and the Results Are Hilarious

Do you remember being a senior in high school? I suppose for some of you, it may not have been that long ago. By the time senior year starts, most kids either have some idea of where they’re going to college or what their plan for next year is. By this time, you have done all you could to pad your resumé and impress the schools to which you applied, so your senior year is time to kick back, enjoy the last year of school, and have a little fun.

And that is exactly what the seniors at North Farmington High School did. The school has a tradition of letting their seniors dress up as their favorite pop culture characters for their ID photos, and this year was no different. Of course, these brilliant seniors’ photos inspired a hashtag and went totally viral. It’s 2018. I would expect nothing else. But the thing is that these photos are really good. Like, insanely wonderful.

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