29 Hilarious Jokes for People Who Love to Read

Raise your hand if you love to read. Okay, now you can get back to your book…

If you always carry a book with you, if you are on Goodreads more than you are on Facebook, if you have a worn and weathered library card, this list of jokes is for you. I love reading books, but I also love people who love to read. They are the best kind of people.

If I find out that I can talk about books with you, you will instantly be my friend. If “Yeah, but the book was way better” is a regular sentence in your arsenal, if you cannot wait for the workday to be over so you can rush home, plop yourself on the couch, and read the latest Tana French or Elena Ferrante, you are my people, and these jokes are for you. You will have to take a little break from your book to read these though, and for that, I apologize.

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