The 30 Most Frightening Things Ancient Egyptians Did

You know that obsessive fascination you developed with a boy or girl in your grade school class? Like, back when you had feelings and emotions? That situation most likely resolved itself over time. But 5,000 years after Egyptians reigned, humans in today’s day and age are still fascinated by the ancient society. And we are continuing to uncover more evidence of what Ancient Egyptian life was like.

If you’re like me, your understanding of their culture is 95% derived from the DreamWorks movie, The Prince of Egypt and 5% derived from random trailers found on The History Channel. Not to hate on either of these quality pieces of entertainment (especially since I still play The Prince of Egypt‘s soundtrack on my Spotify regularly), but I think it’s worth expanding our knowledge here, outside of a TV screen.

Come and dive into some of the lesser-known facts about the ancient civilization’s marvelous culture, the water’s warm!

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