9 Inventions So Perfect, They’ve Never Required Improvements

Some things are just perfect the first time around. Like when you do a messy bun to put your hair up in order to quickly wash your face and then you look in the mirror and you’re like, “wow this is the perfect messy bun.” But, of course, nobody will ever see it and you can never recreate its perfectness.

Okay, maybe not quite like that. We may always be adding new features to our smartphones or making mascara wands that do magical things to your eyelashes and creating razors with more and more blades every time you go to the store, but there are also lots of items we use every day that haven’t really been improved upon since the day they were invented.  (Let’s be honest, razors haven’t actually gotten that much better since they added that moisturizing strip).

Here are some inventions that are almost exactly the same as they were the day they were invented because they just work super well.

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