29 College Students Share Their Best Life Hacks for School

By this point, you are most likely a couple weeks into your Fall semester. If you’re a freshman, you may have already met people on campus, who you’d already consider friends for life! You might even be thinking about joining a club!

You might also be freaking out. Just a little bit. No matter how prepared you think you are going into college, the reality is that it’s pretty different from anything you’ve experienced before, and you might not have it all figured out right away.

That’s totally OK. You can do this. But it’s going to take some time, effort, and flexibility.

It’s also going to take some hacking.

Luckily for you, a recent AskReddit thread gave other college students the opportunity to share their best school-related hacks with the Internet. Even luckier for you, I’ve compiled the best ones in an easy-to-read list for you here.

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