Outraged Person Calls the Cops on This Woman and Her Child for Simply Wearing T-Shirts

Of all the things to call the police over, this shouldn’t be it. Just a couple of days ago, one woman posted a shocking story to her Facebook account. Another woman had called the police on her and her young daughter for wearing t-shirts.

The story’s poster, a woman named Katherine, had gone to lunch with her family. She hadn’t intended to wear a politically divisive shirt. Politically motivated, yes, given the upsetting reaction to sexual assault survivors in today’s politics. But Katherine didn’t believe that the topic of sexual assault was a partisan issue. This other woman did.

So, Katherine went on to share her story. A stranger reacted badly to her, but police (and others) did something totally different! Keep reading for the full story of Katherine’s encounter, the outcome, and the true reason she’s sharing it!

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