22 Couples Who Were Horny In Public And Not Afraid To Show It

Al fresco fucking isn’t for everyone but it’s probably a whole lot more common than you think. Whether it’s a long-term relationship seeking some spice, a guy who just loves to feel the breeze against his balls or a new couple who just can’t contain their chemistry – it happens.

If you get offended at the milder cases of PDA, like a couple sharing a kiss in public, this article probably isn’t for you. If not, here are 22 couples who were so horny they forget they were in public.

1. I’ll just slip this in here…

2. Let’s go for a picnic in the park – and when I say picnic, I mean a shag

3. Oh, sweet embrace

4. Take a seat right here, on my penis

5. (f)bucking bronco

6. How many of you agree with this woman?

7. Oh, he’s still got it

8. Pretty sure this is a conjoined tongue

9. She doesn’t give a crack who’s watching

10. There’s nothing remotely clean about doing it in the gents

11. All night long

12. Giving two fingers to ‘No heavy petting’ in the pool

13. You get bus wankers and then you get this guy

14. Mind your head mate

15. Freak in the sheets, freak on the streets

16. This’ll be short stay parking then

17. Just reading a book are you?

18. That’s sex, drugs and rock’n’roll baby

19. She Says Hold On Tight. And He Took It Too Literally.

20. Another Case Of Feeling H0rny.

21. Too H0rny To Wait For Reaching Home.

22. Privacy- What Is That?

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